2009-08-22. Pierre Cao. Handel, Israel en Egipto. Vézelay, Francia
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2009-08-22. Pierre Cao. Handel, Israel en Egipto. Vézelay, Francia

2009-08-22. Pierre Cao. Handel, Israel en Egipto. Vézelay, Francia

Vézelay [Francia] (Rencontres Musicales de Vézelay) [ver críticas de prensa:  ABC, El Correo de Andalucía y Diario de Sevilla]

Coro Arsys Bourgogne

Director: Pierre Cao

Soprano 1: Katherine Fuge; Soprano 2: Siri Karoline Thornhill; Alto: Andrew Radley; Tenor: James Oxley; Bajo 1: Peter Harvey; Bajo 2: Ekkehard Abele


Violines 1os: Olivia Centurioni (concertino), Elena Borderías, Guadalupe del Moral, Antonio Almela, Oriol Algueró
Violines 2os: Jorge Jiménez,  Valentín Sánchez Venzalá, Pablo Prieto, Ander Berrojálbiz
Violas: Kepa Artetxe, Marta Sampere
Violoncellos: Mercedes Ruiz, Miguel Angel Aguiló
Contrabajo: Ventura Rico
Oboes: Paco Gil, Pepa Megina
Fagotes: Joaquim Guerra, María Crisol
Clave/órgano: Carlos García-Bernalt
Trompetas: Guy Ferber 
Sacabuches: Lucien Luchi (alto), Frédéric Luchi (tenor), Franck Poitrineau (bajo)
Timbales: Christophe Le Marec

George Frideric Handel (1685-1759), Israel en Egipto HWV 54


00 The ways of Zion do mourn
00ª Now there arose a new King over Egypt
01 And the children of Israel sigh’d
01ª Then sent He Moses, His servant
02 They loathed to drink of the river
03 Their land brought forth frogs
04 He spake the word
05 He gave them hailstones for rain
06 He sent a thick darkness over all the land
07 He smote all the firstborn in Egypt
08 But as for His people
09ª Egypt was glad when they departed
09b Through the land so lovely blooming
10 He rebuked the Red Sea
11 He led them through the deep
12 But the waters overwhelmed their enemies
12a Angelico splendor
13 And Israel saw that great work that the Lord did
13ª Hope, a pure and lasting treasure
14 And believed the Lord and his servant Moses
15 Moses and the children of Israel
16 The Lord is my strength and my song
17 He is my God
18 The Lord is a man of war
19 The depths have cover’d them
19ª Cor fedele
19b Thou sentest forth thy wrath
20 And with the blast of thy nostrils
21 The enemy said: Il will pursue
22 Thou didst blow
23 Who is like unto Thee, oh Lord
23ª The earth swallow’d them
24 Thou in thy mercy hast led forth thy people
25a The people shall hear
25b La speranza, la costanza
26 Thou shalt bring them in
27 The Lord shall reign for ever and ever
27ª For the horse of Pharaoh
27b The Lord shall reign for ever and ever
27c And Miriam the prophetess
28 Sing ye to the Lord
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